Saturday, November 19, 2011

Long weekend wasn't actually long enough

photos from my Canon film camera with a Macro Lens

It was an epic 6 day adventure that started with 3 ladies on a mission to Auckland from Palmerston North. We stopped in at Hamilton, for a brief relax in the country, including a delicious steak dinner and coffee & chocolate. Also a night on the town, most of which we do not recall, so i'm assuming it was grand.

Then onto Auckland airport to drop off Ayla, ready for her big, exciting trip to England (thanks to which she is currently living her dream). After a 2.5 hour drive starting at 10pm from Auckland, Gen and I arrived in Dargaville in the early hours of the morning, (Gen's home town) and snuck into her parents house, who I had never met before. They fed us delightful food, and even better coffee for the 3 days we spent there. They also have a superb sense of humour.
Gen showed me everything worth seeing. The freshwater lakes (we had a quick dip), Baylys Beach & the friendly people that reside there, she even made me a Mocha at the Funky Fish (her old place of work). We watched the Rugby World Cup at the Dargaville Fire Station, ohh goodness what a nail biter!! And of course I had to get the obligatory tourist photo infront of the Dargaville sign.

Back through Hamilton on the way down, we had pizza at the lake and watched the sun go down, while watching all the other people exercise as we stuffed out faces.

It was a brilliant trip.

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