Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Canon Auto Focus 38mm lens

Some images from my experimentation/fun with a new toy.
Fully automatic, on camera flash, 35mm film, cross processed.

and that flash is BRIIIIIIGHT!

Gen at her stall in the Yr 2 Exhibition

A snap Gen took of me unawares!

One of Gen's many faces.

Darcy: King of Chaos.

Elle, Beka & Anthony. Such shiny hair.

A failed double exposure. But Tracy looks superb.

BAM flash in the face. Take that Darcy.


Anthony hugs Tracy & Beka goodbye.

A suitable double exposure! Beka's head is always in the clouds.
And check out the sweet tee her boyfriend made her!

This little sparrow had a sore leg. We fed him cone.

They were rainbow icecreams.

Myself & Beka

Cat & Beka. Two super beautiful friends.

Myself & Gen at the Fish Cocktail Bar celebrating her completion of 2nd year.


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