Thursday, June 26, 2014


So it's been a while since I posted and I thought I'd start with a few pictures from my latest trip back to NZ to see the family (and friends!) which was over December 2013 - January 2014.
My time back included many lunches with my brothers family (I miss my nephews so much! How adorable are they?), a trip to Otorohanga to visit the Kiwi -and other native birds- house, a photoshoot with two friends at the Hamilton Gardens using props made by Grant, and a trip to Auckland to visit other friends and drink coffee, explore the museum, climb trees and walk on water.
I really miss my lovely friends back in NZ, I'm making a promise to myself to make a huge effort to keep in touch more regularly, which should be easy thanks to the internet!

those eyes Finaly!

this duck was running up and down the fence-line.
It had an adorable quack.

Behind the scenes

trying a different/darker editing style

My beautiful friend Cat - I just love her smile

Throwing talcum powder over Grant.

Myself up a tree - must do this more often

A photo of me by my friend Emma on NYE at Raglan.
Her, Grant and I watched the sun set while enjoying a delicious
antipasto platter and a glass of wine.

My brother Reece being a good uncle.

That grin!!

Details of my parents garden.
It just makes me happy every time I'm in it

New Zealand will always have my heart.
There will be more posts more regularly here from now on! And I'm going to try to keep my wordpress regularly updated too. That's got my writing on it - cafe reviews, poems, thoughts. Pop over and have a read of what's there already, I'd love any feedback or comments!

Till next we meet xx

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