Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The smell of hot asphalt makes me feel like a kid again, when the days were long, the nights were warm, and we played soccer on the street. The sun beats down on my bare arms and everything has a lovely warm tinge through my circular glasses. It's only just September but it feels like Summer has popped by to borrow some sugar. I find a cafe called The Green Room, people are sitting on mix-matched chairs on a deck out the front. The place just gives off a vibe, and it draws me in. The walls are pastel green and the coffee smells terrific. As I'm swallowed by a big squishy couch a breeze blows my hair around and I feel so alert and refreshed, although it may be the ginger in my freshly squeezed juice. Through the square windows I see blue skies and gumtrees. This Tuesday has switched me over to Summer mode, I need to buy some bathers.

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