Friday, July 6, 2012

sunny days

My first view of Henley Beach
The wharf
There are so many vapour trails every day
Sunset and an impressive hot chocolate
The colours of dusk
"liquid silk and sky like a strawberry macaron." - Grant Davy
Me at Brighton

Henley Beach

I follow the outlet under a bridge. There are men fishing and giant metal pelicans hovering over me. The day is perfect. Blue skies, warm sun, a brisk breeze. And then I see it. The ocean always puts the biggest smile on my face, it feels like it's about to explode. The sand is white and crunchy, and the air smells like seaweed and salt. I don't think I've ever seen so much horizon. The world seems endless. And it is.
A busker finishes a song in the square and is applauded by one onlooker. I get a table for one, as is my custom now. There is endless chatter around me, but I glimpse dolphins swimming by through the window and it seems like I'm the only person witnessing it .. which makes me incredibly happy. The day cannot get more perfect now. High cloud encroaches but it doesn't darken my mood.

-- interlude --

I leap off the bus and rush to the shore, breathless but full of determination. With the intense fire glowing in the clouds, I watch the final curve of the sun disappear below the horizon, burning bright red and imprinting itself in my vision. The sound of crashing waves and fishermen conversing meet my ears and I take a deep breath.
Sea air cleanses the soul.
The breeze gets cold, the lights turn on, and I return to land.

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