Thursday, March 1, 2012

Shakespeare Street

Today my family went to Te Aroha for lunch, because it was my grandparents 54th Wedding Anniversary (CUTE). Of course there was an abundance of delicious food, including grapes fresh off the vine, and cups of tea. It had been a while since I had been there, and I found myself reminiscing about my childhood, and all the adventures my brothers and I had while staying with Gramma and Grandad. So I snapped some of the main things, and will tell you stories. They may seem lame and boring to you, but they mean everything to me.

Out the back of their house is a gully.
My brothers and I spent many afternoons playing amongst the bamboo.
I think it was either ninjas or spies. But the dark was a tiny bit scary.
It's easier to climb trees when you are young. We did it quite a lot,
and now the same trees' branches seem too small to support me.
So I hug them instead.

Gramma has this fishpond out the front which has THE clearest
water I have ever seen in any fishpond.
Feeding the fish was such a big responsibility.
Today there was a frog.
At their gate there is a hydrangea bush.
It's so beautiful, but it makes their driveway deceptively narrow.
While I grew up they had two cats.
Fred was black and Charlie was ginger, he also liked to eat cheese.
They recently acquired a new cat. She was a stray, and she picked them.
Her name is Josephine.
Grandad restores vintage cars.
He's had at least 5 since I was born. His shed's are jam
packed full of parts and beautiful shiny automobiles.
Treasure trove.
Shed #1.
There was a small office with a lot of airport/plane/aeromotive things in it.
It was super interesting. We used to pretend to be a business.
I don't think I got to be the pilot though.
Grandad has 4 sheds.
There was a kart that we stuffed a pillow on (to make it slightly more
comfortable) which we could fit up to 2 kids on. I was usually paired
with one of my bros. We rode it down to the bottom of the street
and into a big driveway to do a circuit to slow down.
There were no brakes.
Either that or we tumbled out on the grass.
The view of Mt Te Aroha from the bottom of the street.
I've climbed it all the way to the top. Trailed my mountain-climbing
brother in shoes that weren't mine.
This is the firewood cupboard.
We used to climb inside it (in summer of course).
The gate from their section to the gully out back.
Even now it looks like a magical doorway.
Starling boxes my Grandad made and put high up on their fence.
They sing so beautifully, and my Grandad always admires the way
they fly and glide and sweep around like it's nobody's business.

Behind the sheds is a vegetable garden where the windows are
rather dusty. Including vines of passionfruit, tomatoes, strawberries,
pineapples, peas. Everything tastes so much better when you
sneak to the bottom of the garden, pick it and pop it in
your mouth then and there!
Grandad has a soft spot for teddy bears, and has
gotten quite a collection over the years. Most were
rescued from opshops by Gramma and myself.
Gramma used to make dolls, and my brothers used to tease me
that the doll in blue was meant to be me, which I was never really
over the moon about, but apparentlythat's what I looked like
with piggytails! She has this gap in her mouth, so one day
we decided to see if a 10c coin would fit.
It's still in there.

Familiar things are so comforting.That's why I love family, and grow attached to places.
Are you attached to any places in particular?

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