Friday, February 17, 2012

the results of a struggle

Once again I picked up my Canon AF 35mm, this time to document a friends 21st. But failed epically! Turns out the batteries weren't completing the circuit. So after some frustrated grumbling and wasting a few frames on floors and walls, I shoved a paperclip in there and these photos are the result! Some of my adventures caught on film. 
I should also add that the Auto Focus does not actually work. Haha.

Burning hot sun at Raglan.
Strawberry Patch.
i fed him and he bit me.

Me and my lemon, ginger & honey drink.

Karsha and I.

Valentines lunch at the Olde Creamery.

A snap Karsha took of me at Hamilton Lake.
This van in Raglan had my initials on the side. There's an O behind my hand :]

My nephew!! Love.

He loves his train.
The only photo from Grants 21st!

Birthday macaroons for Grant.


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