Friday, January 14, 2011

the water was jellyfish warm

Ohope beach as seen through my eyes.
shot with my new Holga lens.
totally in love.


  1. these are fantastic i love your holga lens! your photos always have a warmth to them, they make me warm and fuzzy =]

  2. Lovely set of images! Love the colour tones created. What film were you using?

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    Keep up the Good Work!


  3. i actually used my Canon DSLR with a Holga lens.
    then i edited the photos to look like film and look like what i saw when i looked through the camera.
    i also have a Holga camera, but can't afford film at the moment being a student!

    Thanks Rick, i'll check out your website for sure!

  4. i love the way you see things!
    and that field of sunflowers, oh my!
    also that bird silhouetted in the sky! i can't get enough of bird photos.